Journalistic integrity forces PC World Editor to resign

We here at Slashgear have good relationships with our vendors and advertisers. One of the reasons that they enjoy working with us is because when we review a product, our opinions are kept un-biased. You'll hear us praise a product, but that doesn't mean that the company has given us free promos or promised to advertise with us. If we changed our opinions of a product or company just because they advertised with us, we would lose all credibility.

Apparently the new CEO of PC World Colin Crawford doesn't hold the same ideals. Apple does a lot of advertising with their magazine, so when Editor-in-Chief Harry McCracken was drafting a new article entitled "Ten Things We Hate About Apple" it was immediately nixed by Crawford saying that the magazine was too hard on vendors, especially those that advertise in the magazine.

So like any writer with an ounce of journalistic integrity, Harry McCracken stood behind his article. After all, it wasn't anything out of the ordinary, just the usual stuff people cite when talking about the shortcomings of Apple. However, Crawford refused to budge.

Likewise, Harry McCracken didn't back down. When a compromise could not be reached, he tendered his resignation immediately. I'm impressed by his resolution in this matter. We as journalists need to stand up to people like Crawford and write stories based on facts and how we feel about a product, not based on who advertises with us.

Good luck in whatever ventures you seek Harry, the world needs more people like you.

PC World Editor Quits Over Apple Story [via wired]