Joke WiFi network delays international flight 4 hours

Air travel is already a pain in the backside most times. You have to arrive early, maybe even check a bag or two, and possibly even grab a boarding pass (seriously, though, use the airline app). then there's the TSA line, which can be — interesting. Your plane might be delayed, depending on where/when you're travelling. The last thing you need is some wise-guy stalling the flight because they named their WiFi network "Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork". But that's what happened in Los Angeles yesterday morning.

An american Airlines flight set to depart LAX for London at 9am Sunday morning was delayed four full hours while security personnel looked into the matter. After leaving the gate, but before taking off, a passenger noticed the misspelled WiFi network and alerted a flight attendant.

Please feel free to play out a scenario in which a stuttering English gentleman returning home to see his Nan (Hugh Grant, possibly) attempts to politely tell a flight attendant he's seen something "dreadfully concerning and possibly quite dangerous" in your heads... now.

Upon returning to the gate, passengers were escorted off the plane, and security personnel questioned the guilty party. According to an LAX spokesperson, "after further investigation, it was determined that no crime was committed and no further action will be taken."

By them. We're sure plenty of shade was tossed on this person in-flight by other passengers. As for the complimentary pillow and blanket situation? I'm sure they were all out by the time this prankster/spelling bee champion needed one.

Source: ABC