John Carmack says id is looking to develop games for the iPhone

It's almost amusing how things work out sometimes. People have been trying to get Apple to work with developers to put games on their systems, and to date there is still a huge shortage of available games. However, hope is on the horizon for people wanting to play games on an Apple product, the ironic thing is that the platform isn't OSX, but rather the iPhone/iPod Touch. John Carmack has added id to the list of companies committing themselves to the platform.

I've only had my iPod Touch for a week or so (can you say late adopter?) and I can already imagine it as being one kick-ass gaming platform. While there aren't exactly a lot of buttons to be found, I can still see massive potential for games of all different types. Apple really got things right with their whole iTunes distribution strategy. This was one of the things John Carmack noted when discussing id's plans to develop games for the iPhone.

The ability to distribute larger applications than the over-the-air limits and effectively market your title with more than a dozen character deck name, combined with the reasonable income split make this look like a very interesting market.

[via Kotaku]