johanson3 electric cargo trike can tote around a passenger

Electric scooters, whatever variety they might come in, are usually designed to meet a combined need for compact design and relatively long ranges, being ideal for zipping around a campus, big city, or other places where cars are overkill. For that reason, many scooters (and their more stable trike offshoots) aren't able to accommodate cargo or a second passenger, which can be unfortunate. The johanson3 is different, retaining a very minimalist design while being able to tote along a second person or some cargo.

The johanson3 is designed by Neerman Transport, and features a skeletal red metal frame with a seat-like contraption in the front for the driver to more or less straddle, putting their weight forward onto their feet. That weight distribution, then, is used to tilt the trike by leaning a bit, making it turn.

As you can see in the pictures, there's also a slim seat in the back, which can be used by a passenger who has a couple foot pegs to keep their feet up and handles on the upper frame. If a passenger isn't your style, that rear area can be used to haul cargo.

Overall, the trike can handle up to 485lbs, and is powered through a couple of hub motors on the rear wheels. The maximum speed tops out at 28mph, and the range can go up to 38 miles, though that obviously depends on different factors. There are a few different models with their own flavors, which you can check out and pre-order from the company's website. Prices start at $2260 USD.

SOURCE: Gizmag