Joe Biden campaign launches its own Fortnite island days before election

The Joe Biden presidential election campaign has expanded its video game presence with a new island in hit video game Fortnite. The island is located in Reboot City and features a solo adventure that revolves around the candidates and voting. The new Fortnite map joins a previous marketing effort in Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

The pandemic has forced politicians to change the way they rally this year, with the Biden campaign repeatedly focusing on remote and socially distanced events in addition to purely digital promotions. The campaign previously targeted younger voters by introducing Biden and Kamala signs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

This time around, according to Mashable, the campaign has returned to the video game universe with a new island in Fortnite called "Build Back Better with Biden." Players will spend around half an hour completing various tasks related to voting, with each challenge including references to the election, voting, and the candidates.

The map went live at 9 PM ET on Friday, bringing with it a total of six challenges like Help Build a New Research Facility at Champ's Construction Site, Restore the Aviator River, Help Make Major's Auto Factory Run Clean, Complete Kamala's Sneaker Run, and more.

In addition to giving players election and campaign-related tasks, the new Fortnite island also promotes the "" website and includes signs encouraging players to text a number that will direct them to the site. Players who visit the website will be given information on dropping off ballots, voting early, and more.