Jobs wanted to go Wonka for the millionth iMac

I wager anybody who grew up in the 80s has watched the original Willy Wonka flick. It was vastly superior to the one with Johnny Depp. Apparently, the late Steve Jobs was a fan of Wonka and wanted to hold on Wonka-esq celebration for the one-millionth iMac sold. The tip comes from the official biography of Jobs.

As the story goes, shortly after the original iMac launched, Steve wanted to find a way to celebrate the one-millionth iMac sold. The idea was to do it just like the movie and put a gold certificate inside the box representing the millionth iMac. The winner would've gotten the money they paid for the iMac back and a trip to Cupertino.

The contest never came to be because California law says that any sweepstakes are required to have no purchase participation. It would be hard to give away free iMacs to everybody, but Apple could have simply used mail-in requests like any other sweepstakes. Steve intended to meet the winner in full Wonka garb too.

[via MacRumors]