Jobo announces GIGA Vu SONIC and GIGA one SONIC image storage devices, rebranded Hyperdrives

Jobo has recently announced two new photo storage devices – GIGA Vu SONIC and one GIGA One SONIC — with features and appearances closely resembled to Sanho Hyperdrive Colorspace UDMA and Space.

The GiGA One SONIC has monochrome 1.8 inch display, functions more of a quick-n-dirty backup device with maximum transfer speed of 20MB/s. At that rate, it allows 1GB of images to be copied into the storage in less than one minute. Assuming it's a rebranded Hyperdrive's Space with similar battery life, a single charge would last up to 120GB of data transfer.

Another one is built professionally with a 3.2-inch QVGA color display, RAW images files viewing ability and sported an UDMA interface with twice the speed of up to 1GB data transfer in 30 seconds.

Both units are slated to launch worldwide in March, and we expect to see US pricings to be announced in PMA next week.