Jetman and partner soar through Dubai's skies with jetpacks

Flying through the open skies using jetpacks is something almost all of us can only dream of or have only in movies. But these two daredevils have taken that dream and made it into reality. Swiss inventor and daredevil Jetman, known in real life as Yves Rossy, went to new heights, literally, as he took his new partner Vince Reffet through Dubai's skyline, flying over breathtaking scenery covering sand, water, and skyscrapers reaching to the high heavens. And, of course, they survived to tell the tale.

After all, this isn't Jetman's first jetpack stunt. Back in 2011, we saw him flying across the Grand Canyon, but he has been flying around with his jetpack far longer than that. For this death-defying adventure, however, he isn't alone. Vince Reffet might be more known as a skydiving champion, but now he wants not to fall down but to fly up, sideways, and yes even down.

The two's jetpacks are propelled by four tiny jet engines and weigh 120 pounds covering a wingspan of 6.5 feet. These combined allows the two to travel at 110 miles per hour on ascent and 180 miles per hour going down.

Young Feathers, this latest video documenting their flight, was taken both from a helicopter as well as the two's helmet cameras. Rossy describes this as a completely new experience, showing the perspective of another person flying in formation instead of just his own. The 12-minute video below was shot in 4K quality and is probably best viewed with hardware capable of supporting that resolution.