JBL Shows Off $300,000 Home Entertainment Set-Up, Project Everest DD66000 Speakers

So there are 3 major parts to this story, first, there is an anecdote pertaining to a sheikh and a similar JBL sound system installed in his yacht, then there is the system showed off by JBL, and then the Project Everest DD66000 speakers themselves. So to start with the Project Everest DD66000 speakers, they are heavy, that's first and foremost weighing 360 pounds a piece.

They will nearly cost you their weight in gold too, ringing up at a rounded $40,000 each. JBL says they haven't been able to keep them in stock since they began production.

Now for the anecdote, apparently the aforementioned Sheikh decided he wanted to have a small party on his small yacht, you know have some friends over to watch some movies, listen to some music, the usual gathering that requires your yacht be equipped with $4 million worth of audio/video equipment. Anyways, after the job was done, the Sheikh showed up to check out his system and basically make sure he got his money's worth, and started flipping out when he couldn't see any of the system, apparently everything was hidden behind panels and stuff and was out of site, in the end he heard the system and happily handed over the check.

Now for the show, JBL invited a few people out to a facility where they had dropped $300,000 on a home theater set-up. Now this setup is no ordinary setup, I mean it included theater chairs, a high end projector, and a few hundred grand worth of high end audio equipment. In the first room there was a $120 thousand worth of audio equipment including a pair of the Everest's a $20k CD player and a $20k amp. Then in the next room there were lots of speakers surrounding everyone totaling up to 9.6 surround sound and $300k with the projector and stuff. The feature of this setup was the 3 DD66000's.

Ears-On with JBL's $300,000 Home Cinema Set-Up with 9.6 Surround Sound (Verdict: OMFGIWANTONE) [via Gizmodo]