JayBird iPhone app adds Bluetooth track controls

Shane McGlaun - Jun 30, 2010
JayBird iPhone app adds Bluetooth track controls

One of the things that I really wish the iPhone could do is providing track control via Bluetooth devices. As the iPhone is from, the factory you can listen to streaming music over Bluetooth, but you can’t change tracks using controls on Bluetooth devices.

This really drives me crazy in my car where I can stream tracks from my iPhone without taking it from my pocket thanks to the Ford Sync system, but to skip a track I have to dig it out and change manually. I mentioned yesterday that JayBird had new Bluetooth headphones called the Sportband SB2.

These headphones have controls on them to change tracks on the device, but those controls won’t work with the iPhone right out of the box. JayBird has announced a new app that is on the App Store right now called JayBird Bluetrax. The app allows full control over tracks using the BT controls on the headphones. The app lets you pause, play, fast forward, rewind and skip tracks. I wish there was an app like this that would allow Bluetooth control from any device, not just the JayBird headphones.

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