Japan's new maglev bullet train is now the fastest in the world

Japan Railways' latest mag-lev bullet train just broke its own record as the fastest train in the world. The bullet train travelled at 603 kph (374 mph), blowing through last week's top speed of 590 kph (366 mph). At it's fastest, the train covered a mile in 10 seconds, which is insanely fast. This particular maglev train will be able to carry just over 900 passengers per trip as it levitates above the tracks using electromagnets to create a nearly frictionless ride.

The world's fasted maglev train used commercially is in Shanghai, China, and reaches speeds up to 431 kph (288 mph). If this new train is anything like Japan's current bullet trains, even at top speeds the ride should be incredibly smooth. Bullet trains always direct inertia downwards by using curved tracks, tilting the cars at an angle. This creates a smooth ride, even as the train makes slight turns.

Take a look a the aerodynamic nose on the train. The bullet trains you can ride these days pointed noses, but this slanted nose is almost as long as an entire train car.

Right now, the train is still only a prototype as Japan Railways is still testing this model. We'll have to wait until 2027 for it to be put into commercial transport. That's when Japan Railways plans to use the train between Tokyo and Nagoya, which has the world's largest train station in terms of floor area.

check out the record breaking trip through Japanese farmland here:

Source: CNN