Japanese adult diaper slurps away urine

Life starts in diapers for us all and for those that live to an advanced age life often takes you back to diapers. Once people lose the ability to control urine or get up and go to the bathroom themselves, an adult diaper is the only thing standing between the wearer and a big mess. The catch is that if no one is around to help change the diaper things can be nearly as messy as having no diaper at all.

Leave it to the industrious Japanese to come up with an automatic diaper called the Humany pad. This thing has a pouch for the penis that helps funnel the urine and a sensor that recognizes the urine and kicks off a suction pump. That pump takes the urine for the diaper into a tank.

That allows the wearer to avoid sitting in urine inside the diaper until someone can change it out. The suction machine apparently removes all the urine in the diaper except for about 0.5 cc of liquid. This sounds like a medical gadget that would save effort on the caregiver's part and keep the wearer much more comfortable.

[via CNET]