Jamstik+ smart guitar plays through your tablet

Instruments, like all things, are getting a modern makeover that gives them new functionality you will not get from wood and varnish. The newest among them is Jamstik+, a smart guitar that plays music through one's paired tablet, offering some big benefits over a traditional offering: those in apartments can play it without producing any noise, recordings can be made without ambient noise disrupting the song, and more. The instrument recently launched on Kickstarter, where it has already blasted through the goal amount.

Jamstik+ is smaller than a traditional guitar, making it small enough to slip into a backpack or other bag. It works with a related app that offers tutorials on how to play the guitar, offering individual guidance for those who can't or don't want to hire a tutor. The music is played through the tablet's speakers, as well, allowing the user to put on headphones to keep the music session private.

Connectivity is done through Bluetooth, eliminating the need to use wires, and it offers five octave ranges, as well as custom tuning and MIDI support. The guitar itself also is designed to feel similar to playing a real guitar, making it a more useful learning tool than some similar products.

Zivix, the company behind the Jamstik+, was looking to raise $50,000 USD through Kickstarter, where it has thus far raised $123,000 with 41 days remaining. The Early Bird unit won't be available for long, but is currently up with a $199 minimum pledge, which will get one Jamstik and "The SmartGuitar". Shipping for those backers will start in June.

SOURCE: Kickstarter