James Bond movie No Time To Die will hit theaters earlier than expected

In early March, we received word that the new James Bond 007 movie No Time to Die had been delayed after fans circulated a letter requesting a postponement of the release. At the time, Universal and MGM announced the movie would be released on November 25, 2020, but now they have walked that release back a bit and fans will get to see the movie sooner than expected.READ: James Bond 007 delayed by coronavirus: "NO TIME TO DIE"

Fans have been waiting quite a while for No Time to Die, so it's no surprise that they panicked when the release would have coincided with the coronavirus pandemic. Not interested in risking their lives in theaters or experiencing the movie as an at-home digital release, fans started calling for the studios to delay the movie until it could be watched at the cinema.

MGM and Universal ultimately made the decision to postpone the release until late November, but now it'll hit theaters earlier in the month. The official James Bond 007 Twitter account announced that the movie will arrive in theaters five days sooner than expected, hitting the UK on November 12 and the US on November 20.

The movie is long at nearly three hours; it stars Daniel Craig in his fifth and final time in this iconic role. No Time to Die has been in development since 2016, a year after the previous movie Spectre was released. The movie eventually lost its director Danny Boyle and screenplay writer John Hodge in 2018.

Cary Joji Fukunaga is the movie's new director and multiple writers were brought in for the screenplay. The movie revolves around Bond no longer in active service when he is approached by CIA officer and friend Felix Leiter who needs help finding missing scientist Valdo Obruchev. The possibly still exists, of course, that a second COVID-19 later in the year may cause new delays.