Jaguar to build limited run of C-X75 supercars with gas and electric power

We talk about awesome cars here on occasion if they use some sort of green tech in their design. In November of 2010, we talked a bit about the cool Jaguar C-X75 that at the time was a pure EV with four electric motors supplemented by jet engines (seriously). Each of those electric motors was situated in a wheel and the sexy ride has a lot of carbon fiber in its construction. The car was a concept, but Jag has announced that it will actually build a limited number of the cars.

The production version will be a bit different from the early design. The production C-X75 will pack in the four electric motors, but it will also use a 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine rather than jet engines. The total power output is expected to be in the area of 800bhp. If Jag hits that power output, the car will be a serious performance machine.

The car would hit 0-62mph in three seconds and tip the clocks in 0-100mph in about six seconds. The top speed would be 200mph and jag will build 250 of the cars. It will be a couple years before the car comes to market and apparently, it will be for the UK only. This much cool will cost you a TON of money too with a price said to be in the £700,000 to £900,000 range.

[via Topgear]