Jaguar offers pricing details on new XKR-S GT and more

Shane McGlaun - Mar 28, 2013
Jaguar offers pricing details on new XKR-S GT and more

Over the years, I’ve seen a number of Jaguar sports cars and luxury vehicles, and none of them really jumped out as something I would like to own. I thought the new F-type was a good-looking vehicle, it just didn’t have anything about it that made me want one. Not too long ago, a new Jaguar sports car turned up called the XKR-S GT, and I want one incredibly bad.

This is the first time I can honestly say that about any Jaguar, and naturally it’s incredibly expensive meaning I’ll never own one and will likely never even see one on the streets. Jaguar has been offering some of the details on the XKR-S GT, but one key fact that we didn’t know was exactly how much it would cost. That little factoid is now known.

Jaguar has officially announced that the 2014 XKR-S GT will cost $174,000 including destination and delivery. That much money gets you a very impressive car with good looks and a supercharged 550 hp V-8 engine. At first glance, it may seem a bit odd with canards on the front in a massive wing on the back.

This car is rather like any other purpose built racing car in that aerodynamic needs are more important than how those canards and massive wing might look to some people. The special aerodynamic bits for the car allow it to generate 320 pounds of downforce. Only 30 cars will be built from North America with 25 coming to the US and five going to Canada. Jaguar has also announced that the XJR Standard wheelbase will sell for $116,000 with the long wheelbase version starting at $119,000.

[via Jaguar]

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