iXtreme adventure and gaming case for the iPhone 4 and 5

It's become rather popular to use the iPhone as a sports camera with several cases now available that can turn your iPhone into a rugged sports camera. The idea is that since many people already own an iPhone, rather than investing significant money in an action camera such as a GoPro you can simply encase your iPhone and its high-quality camera in a case that can withstand drops, bumps, and the elements.

A new ruggedized case for this exact purpose has hit Kickstarter, and it's called the iXtreme. The case is designed for the iPhone 4 and 5 smartphones. The case has a tough composite outer shell combined with a shock isolating inner liner. The sound portals for the speaker are water and dust resistant, and the case has an integrated three-point mounting system with a one finger quick release.

The lens element in the case offers 180° three-element wide-angle and protects the iPhone's lens. The X logo on the case also flips out to be used as a kickstand. The handles coming off the sides are designed to allow you to hold the iPhone in the case and use it like a traditional camcorder. Those handles are easily removable and various mounting options can be added to turn it into a wearable point of view camera.

Interestingly, the case has been designed specifically to work with a mouse available for GoPro cameras. That means you could mount this inside your car using the GoPro suction mount. The project is seeking $100,000 and has so far raised $3100 with 39 days to go. If you want one the cases you'll need to pledge at least $54 with estimated delivery of March 2013.