iWork may become a Web Application at Macworld?

9to5Mac is making claim that Apple will be making the announcement that iWork will be composed of web-based applications. This would mean that future versions of Numbers, Keynote and Pages would all be entirely run in a web browser. This does not necessarily mean that there will not be a native Mac version as well.

It has become very clear that Apple has made an effort to move into the web-based application market with the release of the MobileMe extensive Mail and Address Book applications, which are entirely web-based. There has also previously been talk of an entire "Webkit-based" platform after Apple adopted the SroutCore framework used in MobileMe.

Developers have constantly been pushing the boundaries of what web-based applications are capable of. While this sis still just another MacWorld rumor, it is a very interesting concept for such an application. Will the push to move applications to the web help or hinder the progress and overall users experience of these applications?