iTunes Radio for Canada surfaces in Apple job listing

Though Apple has said it plans to launch iTunes Radio in a vast number of locations, the service has been limited to the United States thus far. Today a job posting was spotted on Apple's website looking for an "iTunes Canada Music Programmer", with the job summary specifically focusing on iTunes Radio. As such, it looks like Canada could be next on the list get access to the service.

The listing was posted on October 1, with it looking like a full time position at 37.50 hours per week and the location being listed as Toronto. Says the job summary, "[The worker will] execute the programming of iTunes Radio in Canada, merchandising new releases and other feature content across multiple radio stations; Update radio featuring daily, identifying new songs, chart gainers, and priority releases, as well as highlighting library content and showcase depth of catalogue."

It goes on to state that the employee will work with both Cupertino and management in Canada on the project, as well as editorial programmers and Marketing and Sales. The employment qualifications are vast, and include a minimum of five years of experience in retail, radio, editorial, A&R, record labels, or similar fields and a four-year degree, as well as French-speaking skills and a tech knowledge of Apple's variety of products and software.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that iTunes Radio will stream pre-release albums, though specifics on what Apple has planned weren't provided. Shortly before that, it was also announced that Apple had partnered with Nissan, with the auto maker currently being the exclusive automotive launch partner for the service, something it will continue to be for the rest of this year.

VIA: 9to5Mac