It's not easy being green - Apple to introduce LED backlit LCD monitors soon

Apple has said that it wants to become a "green" company (insert bad apple joke here) but they really haven't told us exactly how the intend on achieving that status. Steve Jobs was kind enough to give us the info.

The biggest culprit in todays world of computers is the monitor. Although many people prefer to purchase sleek LCD monitors, many companies still sell (and consumers still purchase) the older CRT monitors. Steve was kind enough to inform us that the typical CRT contains 3 pounds of lead, while the average LCD monitor contains only 1 gram.

So what has Apple done about this issue? Last year they stopped selling CRT monitors altogether. He also points out that other manufacturers such as Dell, Gateway, HP and Lenovo still sell CRT monitors.

Unfortunately LCD monitors have their pitfalls as well. Most LCD monitors contain mercury, which we all know is fun to play with but extremely harmful to your health. So again, Apple has decided to step-up their game by switching all of their monitors to LED backlighting, which will eliminate the need for mercury. Apple plans to ship their first Macs with LED backlighting sometime this year.

Breaking: Steve Jobs Confirms LED Backlighting in LCDs Very Soon [via gizmodo]