It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s TacoCopter!

Shane McGlaun - Mar 26, 2012
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s TacoCopter!

Quadcopters are cool, no doubt about that. We’ve seen a number of these helicopters rocking four rotors often controlled by iPhones over the years. What we haven’t seen are these quadcopter toys used for delivering omnoms like tacos. Sadly, the time for airborne taco delivery isn’t nigh just yet. Last week TacoCopter was making the rounds.

TacoCopter claimed to be an aerial delivery service for tacos and people got all kinds of excited. Other than the sheer ridiculousness of tacos delivered by little helicopters, I can see a few issues right off the top. Namely, soaring through the air to your tacos would get pretty cold. There’s also the issue with smashed bugs and grass or leaves tossed into the air by the rotors.

The bigger issue in launching a delivery service like this would be the ability to control the helicopters from a central location. We also need to take into account that the FAA only licenses these things for hobby or recreational use. Granted I can see flying tacos around as recreation. We can probably thank that Dutch liar that claimed to have invented the bird wings for this latest fake video. They videos seem to come in threes, so be on the lookout for the next big fake. All I know is I would totally order tacos delivered by remote control helicopter.

[via singularityHub]

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