iTraq global location tag requires no GPS or Bluetooth

A new tracking device called iTraq has debuted that is different from most of the other tracking devices on the market today. iTraq allows you to locate the tag and anything it is attached to anywhere on the planet without having to pay monthly fees or use GPS. The device is able to do this by using cellular towers.

Anywhere that the device can find cellular service it will be able to provide location information. One of the best parts of the device is that while it is able to use cellular service to provide location information, you don't have to pay for access to cellular networks.

That means that there are no monthly fees associated with the use of this device. The usable radius of the iTraq is much larger than that of devices that rely on Bluetooth for location. Bluetooth devices have a radius of hundreds of feet maximum. The iTraq operational radius is as wide as the cellular towers operational radius.

iTraq has an internal battery for power that is good for up to three years of use. Users can adjust how often the device reports its location from a few times an hour to a few times in a day. The device is about as thick as five credit cards stacked together and is smaller in size. Location information is overlaid on a map using an app. The device is on Indiegogo and has raised over $263,000 so far and a pledge of $49 will get you an iTraq with shipping expected in August.

SOURCE: Indiegogo