Itch Chair Scratches Your Itches, Itches Your Scratches

Have you ever been sitting in a chair, comfortable, and then suddenly you're assaulted with this itch right at the center of your back? You know your arms can't reach it (not that you don't try), so then you're forced to rub your back against the chair itself, hoping that you can rid yourself of the annoyance. Sure, you may look like a crazy person for a little while, but at least you took care of that itch, right? If that's been you on one too many occasion, maybe it's time you sit down in one of these fancy itch chairs, and relax in what the future has in store for us.

The Itch Chair (it's got a ring to it, if you say it enough) is designed by Dana Gordon, and uses a scratching actuator that is controlled by a touchpad on the base of the chair's seat. Basically, as you run your fingers across the touchpad beneath you, the mechanism will move across the back of the chair, and scratch your back for you. No moving around like a mad man, or reaching desperately for the spot you can't get to. It's all done for you.

And while some other items with a trackpad may not work all that great, from what we can tell of the still images, there's probably not much this piece can really get wrong. Though, with interchangeable "fingernails" to better suit your scratching needs, we're hoping the chair can't become self-aware or anything. That would just be a bad day. No word on release date, but the rough draft seems to be pretty "rough" at the moment, but we'll keep our fingers crossed that this comes out soon.

[via Nerd Approved]