It just got easier to buy plant-based meat anywhere in the US

The days of struggling to find modern plant-based 'meats' in the United States are over. Amid Impossible Food's massive rollout of its own products in grocery stores across the US comes Beyond Meat's own expansion in availability. As of now, anyone in the United States can purchase the plant-based meats and have them shipped directly to their home. The company's online shop is now live.

As with competitor Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat sells plant-based faux meat products that can be eaten in substitution for actual meat. These products come in a variety of flavors and shapes, including sausages and burger patties, and they've been available to purchase in many grocery stores across the US for a while now.

Assuming you're in one of the nation's smaller cities (or anywhere in the US that doesn't sell Beyond Meat in stores), you can now purchase the plant-based food products directly through the company's website. The company offers various bulk packages of its products, including combinations of multiple products shipped together.

There is, for example, the 'Trial Pack' that features one of each of the Beyond Meat products for $49.99 USD, plus bulk orders of the hamburger patty, bratwurst, ground 'beef,' and breakfast sausages. Shipping is available everywhere within the United States, according to the company.

Beyond Meat explains that it ships its products using 'sustainable' insulation and cartons. These items can be curbside recycled and sent through the mail using the UPS carbon neutral shipping option, which helps support wastewater treatment and other similar things. The online Beyond Meat store can be found online here.