iSwimband: a wearable to keep your kids safe at the pool

We've seen a variety of wristbands targeted towards parents, all of them selling the promise of safety in a world that feels increasingly dangerous. iSwimband is a similar wearable, but one that narrows its purpose down to one specific activity: swimming, and the related prevention of drowning.

The iSwimband is a sensor that can be worn in a variety of manners, including as the headband featured in the image above. Using Bluetooth, the wearable is synced to a parent's (or babysitter's) iOS mobile, where it alerts users to potential issues.

If the child wearing the iSwimband isn't supposed to be in the water, the sensor can be used to send an alert, and for those who are free to channel their inner dolphin, an alert will be sent when they've spent a bit too long under water.

The device's accompanying iOS app can be used to keep track of up to eight of the sensors. The unit is priced at $99 USD, including the various bands upon which it can be attached. For more wearables news, hit up our SlashGear Wearables Hub.

SOURCE: Engadget