iSuppli offers Nintendo 3DS bill of materials figures

iSuppli routinely takes gadgets that are new and popular and tears them down to see what's used inside and gives us an idea of how much each of the devices costs to build. The latest gadget on the iSuppli chopping block is the Nintendo 3DS. iSuppli reports that the BOM for the 3DS is $100.71.

That price is for hardware only and doesn't count the marketing machine behind the portable console, but it still sounds like Nintendo is making some money off the console. When you add in the cost of putting the 3DS together the BOM figure grows to $103.25. The 3DS is notably more expensive to make than the previous Nintendo DSi that had a BOM of $75.58.

The displays are from Sharp, are $33.80 each, and are the most expensive part of the device. The processing chip inside the machine is thought to be about $10 and the camera subsystem is about $4.70 with the memory costing $6.81. The battery is estimates at $3.50.

[via iSuppli