ISPs will launch anti-piracy system next week

Starting next week, many of the major Internet Service Providers will be launching their much delayed anti-piracy system. The system was supposed to launch at the end of 2011, and again at various dates in 2012, but due to unforeseen conflicts, the system launch had to be delayed. Now according to various sources, the system has been "confirmed" to launch beginning on Monday next week.

The 5 major ISPs taking part of the anti-piracy system include Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner, Cablevision, and Verizon. Comcast will be the first ISP to pull the trigger. The ISPs will be working together with the CAS, Copyright Alert System, to target violating users. There will be a series of warnings, up to 5 or 6, given to users before severe consequences are imposed.

The first warning will result with violating users being forced to watch an educational video on piracy. If they continue to pirate after that, their data speeds will be temporarily reduced. Continued violation will result in longer periods of data throttling and even a temporary block on their internet service. Finally, there could be a severe reduction in data speeds to continuing violators, and a possible lawsuit.

Verizon, specifically, will throttle data connections to infringing users, and AT&T will block access to popular sites. Time Warner Cable will redirect browsers to a landing page. In the video above, you will see a promotional message for the Copyright Alert System. The system may be prone to mistakes, so if you ever find yourself wrongfully accused of pirating, you can dispute it through the CAS's website, or through your Internet Service Provider.

[via Daily Dot]