iSmartAlarm's Improved iCamera Has USB Storage

For the DIY home security fan, few things stand up to iSmartAlarm. The sensors, which set up effortlessly and ping your phone when something amiss happens, have long been the darling of the home security world. One mis-hit was their camera, which was buggy and bulky. At CEDIA this week, they've introduced a new camera, which brings a lot more to the table than their previous iteration.

At $149, the iCamera is average for what it offers. A 1280x720 resolution keeps things clear, while night vision keeps you aware at all hours. Motion and sound detection trigger a recording, too.

The interesting part to the new iCamera is that you won't need an iSmartAlarm system. Though it works with their home security platform, iCamera can also be used a standalone system. Rather than an add-on, iCamera can now challenge Dropcam, or the better Simplicam, for home monitoring prowess.

Where iCamera takes a detour from their competition is storage. The iCamera offers a USB port for storing locally, meaning you could attach a massive terabyte drive if you liked. The iSmartAlarm crew is reportedly working on cloud storage options, but have yet to finalize the details.

All things considered, the USB storage may be the coolest thing, here. Though Simplicam still has my vote as best overall home security camera, it will be interesting to see if iSmartAlarm can both improve on their existing hardware/software for monitoring your home via the camera, and take advantage of a neat storage feature.