iSicles Brazilian popsicles or ice cream

James Allan Brady - Dec 13, 2007

Yeah, this time the name does mean just what you think; it’s a frozen treat with an iPod inside. No really, they are peppering in 10k iPod Shuffles and stuffing them into their frozen treats.

No wonder why Cracker Jack isn’t selling, how do you compete with a third-world country’s ice cream shop being able to afford to give out 10,000 iPod Shuffles? Anyways, the company worked with Apple to find a way to hide the Shuffles in the popsicles without ruining the iPods, and they did it, and now you have a chance to get one if you live in Brazil and really like ice cream. And, as close as that place is to the equator, I’d assume everyone likes ice cream there.

No word on how much the popsicles cost, but I just think its cool as hell that they managed to stuff them in with a Popsicle. And of course, they are only available in Brazil, so if you have some vacation time and really wanted an iPod Shuffle, Brazil might not be a bad option.

iSicles: Brazilian Company Hides iPod Shuffles in Popsicles [via Gearlog]

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