iShoes version 2 already

So not too long ago I wrote an article about a pair of odd looking skates that were powered by an electric motor and allowed you to be propelled up to about 15mph, now there is already a new version. Same idea, different design.

Personally I like the new design better, but there is no way you are safely taking version two off the paved path because those huge wheels from the last model are gone. On top of that, all the goodies, as in the motor, batteries, all that stuff is now tucked away under a metal cover, so they look better.

The electric powered skates have also adopted a new 3-wheel design, 2 in front, and one in back. The wheels, as I already said, are smaller, and seem less giving, more like a skateboard wheel, the chassis for the shoes resembles a car frame, sort of. There are now 2 models, one for sizes 4-7 and one for sizes 8-14. Version 2.0 is $399 for the smaller set, or $499 for the larger set, hopefully they go faster too.

iShoes v2 Announced, Redesigned and Priced [via Gizmodo]