Is the new 80GB Zune better than the comparable 80GB iPod Classic?

The answer appears to be yes. The guys at Giz took 6 reviews from other sites and did a Frankenreview with them, and all of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. They all bring up several points where Microsoft is finally making moves.

The first is the wireless syncing, which is, and you have to admit it, an amazing feature. Next is the large screen and the shaved off bulk from its predecessor.

There are also mentions of the WiFi sharing, the new artwork you can throw on the back, the new D-Pad interface that is also touch sensitive, making for easier scrolling through your library, the FM radio, comparable battery life, and the improved Zune Marketplace. All of those features are adding up to have people saying that for the same price as an 80GB iPod Classic, the Zune is a far better choice.

First 6 Takes on Zune 80 (Verdict: Better Than iPod Classic?) [via Gizmodo]