Is that a Mountain Dew, or is your PC just happy to see me?

Around here Mountain Dew is our lifeblood. (Do you think if I say that enough Pepsi will send me some free drinks?) Now you might have also guessed that I'm a computer geek, which means that I have at any time about five computers and a minifridge that are all just a quick roll of the chair away. So naturally when I stumbled upon this cool case mod, I knew I'd have to share it with everyone.

The people over at Inventgeek obviously have the same passions that I do. They got the great idea to transform a Thermaltake case into a fridge. They used a couple of peltiers from two cheap mini fridges, some foam insulation, self-expanding foam, and some plexy to make this mod happen.

The mod is actually easier than it first seems, so I might just have to put this on the top of my list of things to do in my spare time. It'll certainly be nice to get rid of the current plain white fridge in my office.

Thermaltake minifridge mod [via inventgeek]