iRobot announces Roomba 790 with remote control

Everybody is probably familiar with the Roomba, offered by iRobot. Set it down and it'll begin its merry journey of cleaning your floor while avoiding obstacles and perils along the way. While it's intelligent enough to work around objects, users could never tell the robot exactly where to go, but iRobot has fixed that with the new Roomba model introduced today, the Roomba 790.

The new Roomba comes with a remote control that will allow users to navigate the robot manually if they so choose. You can also order the robot to go back to its charging base, and set specific cleaning schedules. To top it all off, there's a big, green "Clean" button just waiting to be pushed.

There's also a room-to-room navigation feature called "Virtual Wall Lighthouses". Using infrared sensors, the Roomba will work solely on a single room until it's completely clean before moving on to the next rather than cleaning at random. Sound like the way of the future to you? Then be preapred to cough up $700 for the Roomba 790 starting from today.

[via Engadget]