iRobot 110 is a remote controlled spy robot

Combine a robot with a spy camera and I am interested. This is exactly what iRobot has done with its cool new iRobot 110 bot. This thing is no kid's toy, it is designed for military and police use as a bot that is easy to transport and can be used to get valuable intel on a location without putting someone in danger.

The little bot rides on tank treads that are rubber and the one you see in the pics here is the first of its kind. The bot is waterproof to depths of up to three feet and it is strong enough that it can survive 15-foot drops. I guess that means you could just throw this thing over a fence to see what's on the other side. It has a pair of outriggers that can flip it back over in the event it crashes.

The controller is a wrist wearable box that has a LCD screen on it that allows the driver to view the video generated by the four cameras that are on the machine. The device itself is quite small with a weight of five pounds and ten inches in length. It also has full audio so you can hear what the bad people are saying. It runs on internal batteries that are good for six hours of eavesdropping per charge.

[via Technabob]