iPosture Keeps You Standing Tall

Sitting at the computer all day not only strains your eyes–it hurts your back. That's why Moacir Schnapp and his wife, Dr. Elma Schnapp, developed the iPosture, which is meant to remind you to sit up straight.

The device is rather small and can be worn on the skin with an adhesive patch, or clipped to a bra strap or shirt. It works by means of nanosensor technology. the microchip within the iPosture can actually monitor the angle of your upper chest and will vibrate when it detects a three degree change from your "ideal stance."

The iPosture will cost about $99.95, but it could be well worth it. The researchers say you may only need to wear the device four hours a day for two to four weeks, initially at least, to train your body into its new upright position.

[via Crave at CNET]