iPoint Presenter uses gesture-based UI

If you're a lover of touch-based technology (and who isn't?) you'll love the latest design from Fraunhofer HHI, the iPoint Presenter. This tech utilizes a gesture-based interface to create an experience straight out of Minority Report.

The screen is projected and you would then interact with this screen. By using infrared, the user's gestures with their bare hands can be detected on the screen. It's pretty cool stuff, actually and it looks a lot like an iPhone on your wall.

You can pinch windows, move them around and more by just motioning with your hands. This technology can be used on "interactive POI/POS games, photo viewers, even Google Earth." However, we'll all have to wait a bit to see this one in actions. It's just a concept for now. Why can't the future be now?

[via Coolest Gadgets]