iPod Touch to iPod Video hack makes your old iPod look new again

So basically this is a simple interface hack that allows your 5 or 5.5G iPod to look a lot more like an iPod Touch saving you $400. Sadly it won't hack the screen into being a touch screen, but it's better than the boring UI you'd normally be stuck with.

This hack comes from iPodHacking and looks pretty cool for not actually being an iPod Touch. The best part, the hack seems fairly simple and easy to perform, they have you set your menu items a certain way and then they have you make sure you grab the proper firmware version, but other than that its easy like Sunday morning.

And as with most of these hacks, its free, and there is some support on the iPod hacking forums. If the hack sound interesting, you can pick it up here.

iPod touch to iPod video UI hack attack [via engadget]