iPhones with Fortnite installed up on eBay for thousands of dollars

The drama between Epic Games and Apple over Fortnite and App Store policies hasn't even reached the court yet but there are already many casualties. As always, the ones that get crushed in between when giants collide are the users who now have no way of installing the popular game on their iPhones. If you already installed Fornite before and removed it, there's still a way to get it back. If you haven't installed the game yet ever, you probably shouldn't be looking at eBay listings for used iPhones that have the game installed.

For one, those eBay listings are selling "Fortnite iPhones" for as much as $10,000, though one of the lowest does mark it at just over $4,300. That's definitely an exaggerated price for a game that's technically free-to-play. Of course, you can't get it anywhere else on the iPhone thanks to the spat between Fortnite's creator and Apple.

It goes without saying you shouldn't buy these obvious scams. In addition to the extreme highway robbery, such iPhones are not only used but could also have other pre-installed software you may have never installed on your own. Not that you'd be able to use these iPhones anyway since they would have to be either still logged into their owners' accounts (highly unlikely) or have been wiped already, in which case you're really just paying for a second-hand iPhone with no Fortnite.

If you've installed Fortnite at least once before, you don't even need to worry about such things even if you've already removed it. As The Verge points out, you can still reinstall the game by going to your account's purchased apps list. Whether that method will be true for long, however, is still unknown at this point.

It won't come as a surprise if Apple completely blocks Fortnite on its platforms, one way or another. The disagreement between the two companies will most likely reach courts before it comes to any conclusion. And as always, it will be Fortnite gamers that are the ones that are at a disadvantage, even if both companies are potentially losing out on profits that are probably just loose change for them.