iPhones stolen from moving truck, just like in the movies

JC Torres - Aug 1, 2017, 4:57 am CDT
iPhones stolen from moving truck, just like in the movies

Apple picking this isn’t. This is a case of highway robbery, in the literal sense. A Romanian gang was reportedly arrested in the Netherlands for the theft of dozens of iPhones. That fact alone might not have been newsworthy if not for the alleged method of stealing these phones, something you only see in films. The thieves tailgated and were able to break into a delivery truck, pass on the iPhones to their van, all while both vehicles were still moving.

So this is how the unbelievable heist goes. A van with at least three gang members drive close to the back of the delivery truck. One of the members climbs out of the van’s sunroof and crawls towards the back of the truck while another holds on to the man for safety. Once the back had been opened, they’re free to take the loot as much as they want. Sometimes another vehicle is used, driving in front of the truck to slow it down. Sometimes a third car drives on the adjacent lane as a distraction.

You might presume that this kind of stunt is a one-time deal, but, also just like in the movies, it has actually been an operation going as far back as 2008 in Germany and taking place in several European countries. At first, authorities refused to believe the truck drivers that they had no idea how it all went down. But after some surveillance footage, police finally believed and acted to shut down the operation. Or so they thought.

(footage from 2012 surveillance)

The gang apparently only let things cool off before resuming their activities. In 2014, as much as 50 incidents were reported in Germany. It also happened in Belgium as well as in the Netherlands, where it was thought to be impossible due to high traffic on highways and multiple lanes.

As much as 500,000 EUR ($590,000) worth of iPhones were stolen from the Netherlands heist. Local authorities arrested the gang members at a holiday park in Gelderland, where they found not only the iPhones but also the alleged van used in the literally incredible robberies.


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