iPhone was most popular device on Flickr in 2015

Flickr recently released its "Year in Review" report, which details the most popular photos on its service over the past year, as well as the devices its users most commonly used to capture their photos. In the latter case, the popular 'camera' of the year, at least as far as Flickr users go, was the iPhone, which was used to capture 42-percent of the service's photos, beating out the Canon EOS and Nikon D cameras.

While the iPhone reigned supreme, Flickr's report shows that mobile phones in general were the preferred shooting devices among users over this year, with "camera phone" being the top type of camera used at 39-percent. Coming in second to that is DSLRs, which account for 31-percent of the images; point-and-shoot cameras are third with 25-percent, and mirrorless cameras are last at only 3-percent.

Meanwhile, Flickr's top photo was of SpaceX's CRS-4 Falcon 9 rocket, which was captured in a long exposure shot as it took off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on September 21, 2015. This beat out the "Stormy Porthcawl" image by Steve Garrington, "SELF REFLECTION" by JK, and more.

Other notable things included Top Stories, which encompassed the Baltimore riots, Project Apollo Archive, and The Wonderland Series. Popular color palettes include white and true red for winter photos, tangerine and lawn green for spring, dark lime and ocean/sky blue for summer, and black and tangerine for autumn.

SOURCE: Flickr Blog