iPhone Stylus and Touchscreen Cleaning Kit keeps phone shiny

If you love your iPhone, there's probably one thing that drives you nuts about it: how easily the screen smudges. But unless you're cool with just wiping the screen on your shirt, now there's a special cleaning kit that's sure to keep the device shiny like new.

It's aptly called the iPhone Stylus and Touchscreen Cleaning Kit and it lives up to the name. But what truly makes this kit special is it uses a wet cleaning method rather than the standard dry cleaning ones. It's simple to use, too. All you have to do is take off the cap and use the sponge tip to clean the screen. Then, wipe it off with the micro-fiber carry pouch also included in the kit. Then, your iPhone should be good as new!

What's super cool is that the cleaner provides an antibacterial finish so you don't have to worry about what horrendous germs are living on your iPhone screen and then on your face. As an added bonus, a pin comes with the kit that helps you remove SIM cards. The price is pretty reasonable, too, at the equivalent of $10.87.

[via Coolest Gadgets]