iPhone SDK apps to require Apple approval and iTunes distribution – I’m So Shocked!

James Allan Brady - Feb 29, 2008

In a move that anyone even remotely familiar with Apple could have seen coming from miles away, even with the SDK Apple wants complete control of what Apps make it onto the iPhone and iPod Touch and complete control of distribution. I don’t think this tidbit has been confirmed, but how likely is it Apple is going to open up any portion of their business model?

The rumor also says that third party apps won’t be able to access the Dock connector (once again, Apple wants to control what features their iPhone has). The rumor that they will only actually be releasing a beta of the SDK is still there too, so that’s seeming more and more likely, but waiting until June to release the full thing may not be their best play.

By a round of applause, how many of you think the more open development of the hacked iPod/iPhone community will prevail in the end? Stop clapping, I can’t hear you anyways, but I don’t see why the genius developers for the hacked iPod/iPhone would want to even mess with Apple and all that red tape, it would probably be less of a frustration to constantly update your app every time a new firmware is released than to try and deal with Apple on this.

[via PhoneMag]

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