iPhone – PWNED by the iPhone Dev Team, PWNAGE 4 Life!

James Allan Brady - Mar 30, 2008

The iPhone Dev Team is unveiling today a new tool. They are calling it PWNAGE. Essentially it is to be the iPhone hack to end all iPhone hacks, or something totally opposite of that. This single hack is supposed to make the iPhone so easy to hack, and all subsequent firmware updates so easy to crack, that the iPhone Dev Team will finally be able to get back to doing what they enjoy instead of constantly having to hack the latest firmware.

The program currently only works on Mac OS X and the iPhone and only firmware versions 1.1.4 and 1.2 beta 5A147, but they have intentions of adding Windows and iPod Touch support in the not so distant future. Let’s focus on the present though, this app takes and hacks the iPhone bootloader allowing you to circumvent code signing checks, run unsigned code, and install secpacks and all that jazz. Then it modifies the firmware file that you have to download in order for this process to work. It installs the BootNeuter app, Jailbreaks the phone, activates it, unlocks it, allows you to install custom logos, and allows you to install additional software.

This software works with phones right out of the box. Now, I’ sure they’ll continue working on this and on cracking future iPhone updates but this should most certainly make the whole process a lot easier for them. I think its fair to say, at least for now, that Apple, Steve, and especially the iPhone have all been PWNED!

[via iPhoneBuzz]

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