iPhone Lightning Dock allows music playback while you charge

Shane McGlaun - Sep 8, 2016, 5:30 am CDT
iPhone Lightning Dock allows music playback while you charge

With the launch of the new iPhone 7 yesterday there are also some new accessories for folks to play with. We have spent time hands-on with the new AirPods wireless headphones and there is also a new iPhone Lightning dock for you to check out. The new Lightning dock has some features that iPhone users who like music will appreciate. The dock is available in five metallic finishes.

That means it will match any iPhone color including black, space gray, silver, gold, and rose gold. The dock can charge any iPhone that has the Lightning connector, not just the latest version of the iPhone. Your iPhone will sit upright in the dock as it charges and the design makes the iPhone look as if it is just leaning there.

iPhones that are in Apple designed cases can charge without removing the case from the iPhone. Users can unlock the iPhone and use Touch ID without needing to remove the phone from the docking station. The USB cable included with your iPhone is used for connecting the dock to your PC. If your PC isn’t handy, you can also connect to your AC outlet using the AC adapter that came with the iPhone.

When making speakerphone calls Apple says using the dock makes audio clearer and easier to hear. Music fans can connect headphones to the docking station and listen to music as they sync or charge the device. The docking station also has a 3.5mm headphone out to use a cable (not included) to send audio out to a stereo or powered speakers. The new iPhone dock is $49 and shows that it will turn up at your door on September 13 if you order now. Check out our hands-on with the new iPhone 7 if you want more details on the new device.


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