iPhone Killer from Nvidia?

Am I the only one that thinks that the entire market is moving away from so-called "smart phones" and moving towards more of a mobile PC? It seems like the focus of phones is more towards leaving the laptop at home and using your phone for many of your needs. Granted, I know that is still a long way off, but we're getting closer to that every day. Take the new Quark smartphone concept from Nvidia. Something big must be happening to get them to put some focus on making a phone.

They just introduced the Quark smartphone concept, and so far, it looks great. It has a sleek 3-inch touchscreen, which doesn't leave room for a lot of buttons. Which is good, because it only has a power/hold switch. It seems to be capable of plenty;videos, music, even a digital photo album and a 3MP camera.

Curiously, if you look closely at the pictures, it would appear that it is running windows. From the start bar at the bottom, I'm going to just guess that's not Windows Mobile 6 either.

This of course is powered by their GoForce 6100 chip which is a hybrid CPU/GPU. We're not sure if this will ever make it to production, or if this is just a way to show of the capabilities of their 6100 chip. With that much horsepower able to be tucked away in a cell phone, just imagine what you could do. I think it's safe to say that the phone revolution is here.

Quark Smartphone: Nvidia's iPhone Crusher [via gizmodo]