iPhone is second most popular camera used on Flickr

Shane McGlaun - Aug 18, 2009, 7:05 am CDT
iPhone is second most popular camera used on Flickr

One of the things that isn’t that great for me about my iPhone 3GS is that while improved this time around, the camera still isn’t that great. Sure, the camera on the 3GS is lots better than the camera on my original iPhone that was replaced by my new 3GS, but it is still very lacking.

I guess it makes a lot of sense that with the popularity of the iPhone it would be a popular camera for users of mobile photo services like Flickr, despite the serious drawbacks to taking photos with a smartphone. Flickr has unveiled the most popular cameras in the Flickr community and you might be surprised to find the iPhone sitting at a very close second place overall.

The iPhone is in a near tie for first place overall with the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi for the top camera on the community. Bringing up a distant third place is the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi, fourth place overall goes to the Nikon D80, and the fifth spot is another Canon, the EOS 40D. The iPhone crushes the smartphone competition with the Nokia N95 being the next most popular smartphone used for Flickr.

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