iPhone gets upgraded talktime and a glass screen

If you've been worried about the rumors of the iPhone's short battery life, then you'll be happy to hear the latest news from Apple. They released their official battery life expectancy for the coveted phone today.

You can see from the chart above that they expect the battery to last much longer than they originally thought. A full 3 hours more talk time than Jobs told us back in January. They have also revealed that the 3.5-inch display will not be plastic, but rather an optical-quality glass. Very nice!

Apple was also kind enough to provide us with a little chart showing how the iPhone stacks up to some of the other popular smartphones on the market. Aside from the Blackjack, the iPhone has twice the talk time of the competition, it's also the thinnest phone in the comparison.

The launch is less than two weeks away, are you ready?

iPhone delivers better battery performance, up to 8-hours of talk time and gets new glass top surface [via MYiTablet]