iPhone firmware update 2.2 in 10 days?

According to the guys over at iPhone Hellas, the much anticipated iPhone firmware 2.2 that we have been so eagerly waiting for will be released a little early.  The consistently reliable iPhone Hellas are stating that we will see this update on November 21st.

All of the new features found in the beta releases that we have been reading about will all be included in this release. With Apple, and all of their last minute surprises, we are dying to get our hands on this version and see what it has in store. There were plenty of additions to the 2.2 beta 2 that were not included in the beta 1.

Will we possibly see a cut and paste feature in this version? One can only hope. Such a large addition is very unlikely in only 10 days. We are going to be spending a lot of time testing out the new iPhone firmware 2.2 , with all the new additions such as, Google Street View, walking directions and over the air podcast downloading, this release will keep us busy for a while.

[Via MacRumors]