iPhone 8, Galaxy S8 face off in a blender

Most, but definitely not all, of the smartphone torture durability tests you see on YouTube are meant to mentally prepare users for the fate that awaits them should they accidentally drop, or scratch, or burn, their precious device. But how often do you accidentally drop your phone inside the swirling metal mass of death known as a blander? Probably never, hopefully. But in case you do, by happenstance, misplace an iPhone 8 or a Galaxy S8 inside one, now you will know which one will last just a few spins longer.

Kids and adults alike, never try this at home. While drop tests and scratches can be taken by anyone at your own psychological and financial risks, trying to blend electronic devices that contain flammable materials is just tempting fate too much. Such stunts prove the blender's durability more than the devices put into them.

So between the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S8, which of them will last longer in a blender? Switched on, of course. Both flaunt metal frames sandwiched between durable glass, so you might think they'd be equals even in death. Apparently not.

The iPhone 8 was, apart from a small hiccup, reduced to pieces in no time. Nothing was left to identify the phone, almost making it the perfect crime. Curiously, the Galaxy S8's metal frame survived the ordeal, and some parts of its glass even clung to it. It's an empty corpse, mind you, with nothing left inside.

So the moral of the entire exercise? Other than "don't mistake your phone for a protein shake ingredient"? You might also want to slap a thin case on them, as they are prone to cracking when dropped in an inglorious way.