iPhone 8 dummy hints at what could be

Depending on whether there is really a delay, we might just be about 4 months away before we can finally close the case on the mystery of the iPhone 8. It's still quite a long way to go, though, and opinions and information from "credible" sources remain conflicting. A new video of what is allegedly an iPhone 8 dummy unit has just surfaced, but it doesn't exactly answer many of the burning questions about what the iPhone 8 will or will not have.

It does, at least, somewhat confirm the overall design of the smartphone. A throwback to the days of the iPhone 4, the iPhone 8 will supposedly have glass on the front and back joined together by an aluminum frame. Curiously, the model here shows a bit of girth, contrary to Apple's trend of slimming down its phones.

Save for the awkward vertically oriented dual cameras, the back of the dummy unit is bereft of any feature. This does imply that there will be no fingerprint scanner there, as some have recently theorized. That, however, doesn't mean the iPhone 8 will have one under the front display, as also speculated. It could also be that, being a dummy, there was no need to show any indicator for a fingerprint scanner.

Sadly, the video doesn't give any clues to the biggest mystery of all: the screen. We do see a flawless, buttonless face, but without any light, it's not easy to see how far the display panel itself goes. Then again, why would you remove the home button cum Touch ID if you weren't pushing the bezels out.

It isn't unusual for an iPhone to be burdened by so much expectations, not all of them reasonable. But being the 10th anniversary model, the iPhone 8 does seem to have more than its fair share. From OLED panels to edge to edge screens to under the screen fingerprint sensors, the iPhone 8 largely remains a mystery, which only serves to increase its hype even more.